3D Virtual Set and Chromakey System

VCAST 3D Virtual Set - VS2000 is the latest trackless virtual system in which real-time videos, 3D objects, graphics, texts and sounds can be integrated through the application of the advanced Chromakey and rendering technology to create an unlimited number of 3D virtual and visual effects.

VS2000 has received the Broadcast Engineering Magazine’s Pick Hit Award at NAB 2002. It is a trackless virtual set creation system which emulates virtual camera movements. It uses a practically unlimited number of virtual cameras that can be moved within the 3D graphics environment or zoomed in/out without an effort while the physical camera remains still. VS2000 is not limited to only using simple 2D images as a background or foreground around the live video of an actor, but operates with 3D mesh objects, materials, virtual lights, cameras and animation tracks created with 3D Studio Max TM and Maya TM. This eliminates the need for users to build “hard sets” altogether and enables users to dramatically reduce the size of their studio, thus saving big on the backdrop material and lighting. The fact that VS2000 is easy to use also reduces the training time for operators, making it ideal for small to medium-sized studios of corporations and schools..


3D Virtual Set and Chromakey System - VCAST 3D Virtual Set VS2000/ 1000 Series


Key Features of VS2000/ 1000 Series:


Trackless concept of 3D virtual set


  • No camera tracking is required to get full 3D immersion!

  • Nearly any models of cameras/mounts can be used

  • Reduce the studio space requirements/construction time

  • Provide affordable way to increase the number of cameras


Provides full 3D position/zoom control of virtual cameras


  • No need to adjust/move the real cameras at all

  • A single person can control entire virtual set production


Integrated chromakeying, 3D rendering and video mixing


  • Raw camera video in -- virtual set video out black box concept

  • Internal audio mix/delay module ensures proper audio/video sync

  • Compact-size unit is easy to install, configure and operate

  • Open possibility for use of mobile real time virtual sets in the field


Professional quality chromakeying for any cameras/lights


  • One-click automatic setup with comprehensive manual override

  • Adjustable matte filtering and cropping

  • Color/brightness correction with blue spill removal


Real-time switching of multiple cameras/aux video sources


  • Multi-input hardware with TBC ensures proper transition

  • No need for external switchers and common reference signal


Insertion of multimedia content into virtual sets


  • Easy-to-create virtual screens support almost any data formats

  • Live video, movie clips, still images, PC screen content

  • Dynamically updated PowerPoint, Flash files, web pages


One-touch execution of virtual set scenario, CG animation, other preprogrammed actions


  • Select fully automated or customized scenario for your program

  • Change the flow of scenario by interactive buttons

  • Mouse, keyboard hotkeys and/or touch-screen can be used

  • Various types of remote controls are supported (IR, RF, Bluetooth)


Custom camera and 3D object animation done with joystick


  • Control position, rotation, size using joystick handle and buttons

  • Joystick motion can be recorded and played back accurately


Quick virtual set customization without 3D authoring software


  • End-users can dramatically change the look and feel of sets

  • As simple as selecting a new image, movie or multimedia file


Interactive and remote updates to the 3D virtual set contents


  • Makes possible dynamic charts, tables, graphs, captions

  • Updates can be initiated manually, by timer or on data changes

  • Numeric/text data may be obtained via LAN/Internet


Create your own sets using industry-leading 3D design tools**


  • Provide full project export plug-in for 3D Studio Max and Maya

  • Real time 3D viewing software -- no pre-rendering required

  • Support for realistic 3D character animation in virtual sets


Sophisticated yet easy-to-use virtual set control script**


  • Any scenario sequence can be precisely defined and executed

  • Allow designers/producers to go far beyond a single-track scenario

  • Numerous helpers make scripts easy to write and understand


Optional camera tracking sensors and interface package**


  • Covers those few situations when trackless cameras are not enough

** Only available in VS2000 and higher models

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